Reimagine Healthcare: Transform healthcare in the cloud [Sponsored]

The need for collaboration in healthcare has never been greater. The public health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic exposed communication and technological challenges in need of solutions. Providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, and patients need quick, easy access to medical data, more personalized care, and top notch data security across devices to prevent cyberattacks and data theft. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is designed to give these healthcare stakeholders an infrastructure to work together and solve the challenges they face.

A new eBook from Microsoft, Reimagine Healthcare, highlights how its cloud computing platform supports healthcare and life science organizations in a series of case studies illustrating how Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare enables personalized care, accelerates scientific innovation, empowers remote care team collaboration and improves clinical and operational insights through a more connected digital infrastructure.

For example, UCLA Health relied on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to synthesize vast amounts of clinical and research data to speed medical discoveries and improve patient care. By enabling researchers from different fields and institutions to collaborate, they can collectively assemble data sets that previously could not be integrated to solve some of the world’s biggest healthcare questions—while still protecting the privacy and security of the data itself. 

Big data analytics is another capability of Microsoft Cloud. In an effort to tackle the supply chain challenge of maintaining temperature-sensitive vaccines in transport, Merck analyzed 14 years of sensor data to determine factors that could lead to unwanted temperature increases. The analysis paved the way for a web portal to predict temperature changes, improving the quality of vaccine transport.

To download the Reimagine Healthcare eBook, please click here.

Photo: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

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