Remote service: The new paradigm for biopharma manufacturing [Sponsored]

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on global supply chains. Microsoft seeks to change the way pharma industry companies use technology to better navigate human resource challenges and restore confidence in drug development supply chains. 

A new e-book, Remote service in pharmaceuticals: modernize operations with mixed reality, provides an overview of how pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations can use mixed reality solutions from Microsoft to deliver always-on, remote service.

By digitizing information and delivering it in the context of the physical world, mixed reality enables field service technicians to create, problem solve, and collaborate from almost anywhere.

For example, through remote services and mixed reality, technicians can troubleshoot and service machines remotely, according to the e-book. 

With mixed reality, technicians who need to repair complex technology or perform predictive maintenance at locations around the globe can do so from a central location, the report notes. They can collaborate with on-site employees using mixed reality rather than getting on a plane to see the equipment in person.

Click here to access the eBook, Remote service in pharmaceuticals.

Photo: Peter Linforth, Pixabay

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