MedCity Pivot Podcast: Our reporters unplugged

From L to R: Frank Vinluan, senior biopharma reporter; Anuja Vaidya, hospitals, health IT and payer reporter; and Elise Reuter, health tech and retail health reporter

MedCity News reporters get pitched almost every day of the week via email. How do they decide whether to delete the email, open it or follow up? What is interesting and what is not?

After more than a year’s worth of interviewing external experts, the Pivot podcast is turning its gaze inward to demystify — as much as possible — why we write the stories we write. In this episode, I will be interviewing Frank Vinluan, our senior biopharma reporter; Elise Reuter, our health tech and retail health reporter; and Anuja Vaidya, our hospitals, health IT and payer reporter, about what constitutes a successful pitch and the do’s and dont’s of

So if you are a startup entrepreneur, investor, public relations professional or just plain interest in what keeps us ticking, please listen to our latest episode. We had so much fun, we just might make this a quarterly phenomenon.

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