INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect Preview: Home Health


INVEST Digital Health, a conference that brings together innovative investors across the healthcare spectrum, prominent industry players and the most promising digital health startups, is scheduled for September 20-23, and held in collaboration with Medical Alley. It will be virtual this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The conference will highlight aspects of digital health from the role of digital twins in life science, remote patient monitoring reimbursement, the ethical considerations of AI in healthcare, and more in a series of panel discussions. To view the agenda, click here.

But it will also spotlight digital health startups in the Pitch Perfect contest. Judges will hear presentations and question startups across three tracks: Home Health, Tech to Improve Payer/Provider Operational Efficiency, and Chronic Disease Management and Value-based Care. A winner will be selected from each track who will be interviewed for a profile in MedCity News.

The Home Health track is scheduled for Tuesday, September 21 from 3:30-5 PM  Central Time. The judges include:

  • Ian Chiang, Principal, Flare Capital Partners
  • Lily Huang, Principal, NEA
  • Nickolas Mark, Managing Director and Partner, Intermountain Ventures

And here are the finalists:

CardioMedive is developing a medical device for remote patient monitoring. The discreet and easy-to-wear patch measures continuously a complete list of vital signs and hemodynamic parameters. Its solution responds to society’s emerging need for a new way of providing medical care for a huge segment of the population, at a convenient cost and at a high quality.


Curio Health provides end-to-end healthcare IoT solutions that seek to help healthcare organizations remove the complexities of integrating, managing, and troubleshooting healthcare IoT devices.

EchoScope develops wearable bladder monitoring device and analytics for efficient self-management of incontinence.

LiveMetric wristband is the only non-invasive, cuffless device that can measure continuous BP with ICU-grade arterial line accuracy anywhere, anytime. Through the repurposing of MEMS sensors used in aviation, the company designed what it describes as the world’s first continuous, noninvasive, arterial pressure wearable technology. It coupled the MEMS sensors’ ability to measure actual radial arterial pressure with an AI-augmented platform to bring ICU-level monitoring home, providing accurate BP readings 24/7. Less than 7% of blood pressure monitors are validated for accuracy. LiveMetric contends that it has the only BP monitor highly correlated to the ICU-grade A-line. This is especially relevant now that providers must rely on self-monitored blood pressure (SMBP) readings to design patient care plans, as in-office confirmation of home readings are no longer recommended by the AMA/AHA. The AHA &AMA recently released new SMBP codes to reimburse providers in hopes of reducing barriers associated with widespread adoption of SMBP. Passive, night/daytime readings will drive high engagement.

Orbicor Technologies is a digital health company focused on the reduction of critical cardiovascular events and mortality through the use of innovative  Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) medical devices that provide differentiated clinical data that is complementary to what is already available to cardiovascular patients and will help optimize the treatment of their condition. Orbicor’s approach to the management of cardiovascular health is to universalize access to clinical level data by developing technology that allows patients to measure critical data at home, store it online and share it with their physicians remotely.

Picture: uzenzen, Getty Images

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